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We believe that data is knowledge, and knowledge is effectiveness. Our aim is to provide our customers with data that helps them better understand the market and always make the right decisions. REDD is a one-of-a-kind combination of solutions based on the unique Research, a highly advanced REDD Platform and Data Science. Thanks to the synergy of these three elements, we provide tools that show our customers the full spectrum of the market and guarantee instant access to data on local markets, office buildings, tenants, portfolios performance and financial results.

A dedicated team of specialists responsible for verifying information and the quality of data collected by REDD.
REDD Platform
This online platform made available to our Customers is the heart of the firm. Everything happens here.
Data Science
Market Analytics using big data offers unique insight for various real estate businesses.
Highest Data Quality
Exceptional Research

The fundamental value that we provide our clients with is verified and reliable market data that allows both wide and very narrow overview of the entire market, a single city, a selected portfolio or one building. To guarantee the quality of data, we have built advanced systems supported by artificial intelligence and automation, which, along with restrictive data verification procedures, allow us to provide the highest quality information. Our data is widely respected on the market and used by the largest companies, government institutions as well as universities and research units.

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Data Center

Every month, we update over one million pieces of data concerning the real estate market that are stored in modern and secure data centers, thanks to which we can quickly process any amount of data as well as conduct unlimited operations and algorithms.

Research Team

Our smart systems are supported by a dedicated team of researchers who take care of maintaining the quality of data, conduct verification tests and support our clients in market analyzes.

28 Days Policy

Our guiding principle is to ensure that the data is up to date. That is why we have created a restrictive rule, according to which data concerning each building is updated at least once every 28 days. As much as 98% of buildings in the database meet this criterion.

REDD Platform

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REDD Platform

Our tailored products and services focus on our clients’ most critical issues and requirements: comparison of properties, competition analysis, sale and lease comps, property financial performance, lease agreements, tenant structure and market trends.

REDD Agency
An online platform for Agencies and Brokerage with unlimited access to data on 9,500 offices for rent.
REDD Landlord
Online solutions for Property Owners interested in portfolio performance and competition analysis.
REDD Investment
The most advanced platform designed for Investors and Banks providing insight into the financial results of any office portfolio.
REDD Platform
Features Overview
Our Data
With REDD Platform you get access to:
  • building database
  • unit database
  • lease terms
  • vacancy changes
  • coworking
  • subleases
  • financial statements
  • portfolio overviews
  • land register
  • tenants structure
  • mortgage register
  • estate loans
  • business intelligence
  • occupancy
  • units tracking
  • market insights
  • watchlists
  • pdf generator

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Data-Driven Market Analytics
Data Science

Acquiring values from data is the domain of Data Science. Using the databases of REDD, our clients can conduct advanced research and analytical projects that allow them to answer strategic questions, put forward theses as well as identify trends and dangers. In addition to collecting reliable data, which is the role of Research, our task is to organize data and process it in such a way that it is available to our clients quickly and easily. Therefore, all our databases are compatible with the leading analytical tools, including Microsoft PowerBI, Tableau, IBM Watson, SAP BI.

Big Data

As part of REDD, we process massive amounts of data, which is organized in structured databases and stored in modern data centers. We obtain information from many sources, thanks to which our databases contain economic and financial data coming from external public registers.

Business Intelligence

Market analyses and competition research are one of the tasks performed by our researchers and statisticians. Using our data, we can answer the most difficult questions and verify any hypotheses posed by our clients.

Data Visualization

Spreadsheets are a thing of the past. We offer our clients advanced data visualization with the use of interactive reports. Using them, within a few minutes you will identify non-obvious trends and discover hidden insight, which you would not be able to see in the standard table.

Looking For Verified Market Data?

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