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Dynamic development of the investment market in Wrocław

16.06.2023 Reports

The investment market in Wrocław is constantly growing, making it one of the most attractive places for investors in Poland, according to data from REDD, the largest and most advanced real estate market database in this part of Europe. Regardless of the sector, investments in Wrocław contribute to the urban fabric and influence the economic development of the region. The office, warehouse, and retail markets are dynamically expanding, creating new business opportunities for companies operating in Wrocław and attracting investors from both within the country and abroad. Currently, there are 148,000 square meters of office space under construction in the city, with the largest projects located in the Old Town and Krzyki districts.

Wrocław – one of the leaders in the real estate market in Poland

“Wrocław is one of the most developed real estate markets in Poland, encompassing both the office and warehouse sectors. Currently, there are 148,000 square meters of office space under construction in the city, with the largest projects located in the Old Town and Krzyki districts. The Quorum complex, developed by Cavatina, stands out as the largest office undertaking,” says Krzysztof Foks, Head of Research at REDD Group.

Wrocław is also intensively expanding its warehouse market, with approximately 400,000 square meters of space currently under construction. Further projects are planned for the coming quarters and are attracting significant interest from potential tenants.

High saturation of commercial spaces

The saturation of commercial spaces in Wrocław is relatively high compared to other major markets in Poland. As of the end of May, the average office vacancy rate in existing buildings stood at 15.26%, surpassing other cities except for Łódź. The existing office space per resident is the third highest in the country, averaging 2.14 square meters per inhabitant. Wrocław ranks second in this regard, only behind Warsaw and Katowice. The high saturation of office space indicates growing investor interest in this market.

Top investments in specific sectors

Wrocław is also distinguished by top investments in specific sectors, which have long been a hallmark of Lower Silesia. In the retail sector, Wrocław’s shopping centers such as Magnolia Park and Korona attract both local residents and tourists. Spacious shopping galleries offer a wide selection of stores, restaurants, and entertainment venues, attracting investors from the retail industry. The hotel sector is also developing in Wrocław, with luxury hotels of international standards as well as cozy guesthouses and hostels. Tourism and conference organization attract investments in hotel infrastructure, stimulating the city’s economic growth.

Diverse factors attracting investors to Wrocław

“An important factor attracting investors to Wrocław is its extensive infrastructure. The city has convenient transportation connections, including an airport, a network of highways, and railways. Wrocław is also one of the largest academic centers in Poland, with numerous universities and research institutes, which attracts companies from the innovative and technological sectors,” emphasizes Krzysztof Foks, Head of Research at REDD Group and The investment market in Wrocław offers attractive conditions for companies and investors. The city provides various forms of support, such as tax incentives, grants, and facilities for foreign investors. Additionally, well-developed business infrastructure, access to a qualified workforce, and good relations between businesses and local authorities attract investments.

Wrocław continues its dynamic development of the investment market, attracting investors from various sectors. With its extensive infrastructure, favorable business conditions, and significant growth potential, the city remains at the forefront of Polish investment destinations. Lower Silesia is becoming a hallmark for investments in Poland, with Wrocław playing a key role in this process.

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