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A centralized solution where you can access vital data on office and warehouse properties, conduct competitor analysis, effortlessly manage your listings, and seamlessly share them with your network.

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REDD App #1

Explore Any Commercial Property with Ease

Discover comprehensive details on any commercial property all in one place. From building parameters to lease terms, currently available space, rental history, amenities, and certifications, we provide a comprehensive overview to streamline your search.

REDD App #2

Empower Your Transactions with REDD

At REDD, we arm you with the insights needed to strengthen every transaction. Our platform enables you to gather crucial market information and conduct negotiations with tenants more effectively. With REDD, you will uncover answers to key questions such as:

  • How long does it currently take to commercialize properties?
  • What are the current vacancy rates?
  • What are tenants actively seeking in the market?
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Monitor Real Estate Interest

Discover which companies are seeking rental spaces nearby.

With REDD, you can serve interested tenants directly, without any commission fees.

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Find the Ideal Space for Your Clients

Utilize our robust search engine to swiftly locate vacant offices and warehouses that match your tenants requirements. With instant access to comprehensive listings, you can efficiently find the perfect space for your client.

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Generate Offers in an Instant

Say goodbye to time-consuming offer preparations. With REDD, you can effortlessly create personalized PDF offers for your clients, streamlining the process and saving valuable time.

Client Testimonials

REDD enables us to efficiently compare market data and conduct benchmark analyses against the competition.

Tomasz Puch


REDD data significantly enhances the advancement of our analytical and predictive systems, aimed at aiding our clients in making informed business decisions.

Bolesław Kołodziejczyk

BNP Paribas

REDD not only provides an intuitive platform but also ensures high efficiency in day-to-day business operations.

Jolanta Brzezińska

LIM Center

The data and figures from the REDD portal provide valuable confirmation for both internal discussions with investors and external negotiations with our contractors.

Monika Igła


Access to the latest market data in a clear and organized format makes monitoring market changes easier and competitive analysis more accurate.

Patryk Czesak


Let’s Talk About How REDD Can Enhance Your Work

  • Gain access to a wealth of detailed data on properties
  • Accelerate data collection and listing creation
  • Track tenant interest in properties
  • Monitor market transactions

Who trusted us

BNP Paribas Real Estate Invesco Logicor Indotek Group Prologis CTP

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