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“Google Analytics for real estate”. REDD is introducing the first such a tool on the market

11.04.2022 News

REDD, the most advanced data platform, has received the largest update ever. Now it offers the first tool on the market thanks to which its user can track interest in their buildings on an ongoing basis. – REDD 3.0 is Google Analytics for real estate. It changes the way commercial real estate professionals can work – says Tomasz Ogrodzki, CEO of the REDD Group.

Online offers for customers and full analytics

REDD provides new opportunities for agents, real estate owners and investors. Each user can already send an offer prepared by them to their customers online. – Professionals can say goodbye to the spreadsheet once and for all. And this is only the beginning – says Piotr Smagała, Managing Director of REDD.

Almost in real time, every agent preparing an offer can track how much interest there is in it. – From now on, users receive analytics of the offers that have been sent. We see how many people have opened the offer and which building has aroused the greatest interest among potential tenants. Everything on an ongoing basis and online – adds Piotr Smagała from REDD.

The best analytics of offers

“Google Analytics for real estate” is also available to real estate owners. Thanks to the new functionality, owners can follow on an ongoing basis what is happening with their buildings on the market.

We know who saw the offer, when, what interest the building arouses among the agencies, how many offers it was included in, what potential tenants are interested in, how much time they spend searching through information or what photos of the building attract their attention – says Tomasz Ogrodzki, CEO of the REDD Group.

– In the era of access to technology, these are key solutions that enable owners to react quickly enough and accelerate the commercialisation of their space. This is another revolutionary solution on the market – admits Piotr Smagała.

The platform has also introduced the possibility of generating and sending Property Particulars online, and analysing data concerning given real estate

REDD gives a unique opportunity to always be one step ahead of the competition. – Thanks to the new products, our users can verify, analyse and use the data to develop their business and rent their buildings faster – says Piotr Smagała, Managing Director of REDD.

REDD like Netflix

The best business decisions are those that are based on hard data and statistics. REDD’s mission is to streamline the entire work process of commercial real estate professionals. – Our next step is to build a recommendation system like Netflix recommendations. Our system is supposed to know better than customers what they may like in buildings – reveals Tomasz Ogrodzki. But how can REDD know which building best suits a given tenant’s taste?

All thanks to the cutting-edge solutions. REDD is working on a recommendation engine, which thanks to using the data and algorithms, can filter the buildings catalogue and connect them with tenants’ behaviour. – Our systems will check what a given tenant was previously interested in and they will analyse all users of the platform so as to recommend appropriate actions to owners and tenants – explains Tomasz Ogrodzki, CEO of the REDD Group.

REDD is a start-up that can boast about building the largest database on the office market in Poland. Currently, REDD is monitoring over 2,100 properties throughout Poland, which translates into over 13 billion data. The REDD database is used by the largest on the market: Globalworth, Savills, Avison Young Polska or ARC-Capital Markets.

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