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“Amazon for Commercial Real Estate”: Over PLN 690 million in Potential Revenue for Clients

16.06.2023 Press

The modern technological era constantly brings us innovations that change life and business operations. One of the most impressive and rapidly developing sectors is the commercial real estate market. The platform, owned by REDD Group, operating in this market, can already claim success after its first few months. “The potential lease value from all inquiries generated through since January 2023 amounts to PLN 690 million. These significant numbers clearly confirm the effectiveness of our platform,” calculates Krzysztof Foks, Head Of Research at REDD Group.

“The ambition of is to become the ‘Amazon for commercial real estate.’ The platform offers the largest selection, utilizing the most advanced and extensive database in this part of Europe,” says Tomasz Ogrodzki, CEO of REDD Group.

Direct connection for lower prices

What else makes finne so unique? First and foremost, it is a portal that operates on the principle of direct connection between property owners and potential tenants. “This allows prospective tenants to negotiate lower prices,” adds Ogrodzki. “finne eliminates ambiguities, reduces costs, and guarantees the reliability of every listing. It brings a breath of fresh air to a market that has been saturated with bait-and-switch advertisements and outdated offers. We propose a simple equation: ‘one property, one listing,'” says Piotr Smagała, Managing Director & Co-Founder of REDD.

“Let me be clear, we are cleaning up the market of commercial real estate listings in Poland. Information about rental properties is provided directly by the owners, giving visitors the guarantee of the reliability of each listing. Additionally, our team verifies each listing, ensuring that the tenant can be confident that the listing is up-to-date,” adds Tomasz Ogrodzki.

The latest statistics from the finne portal confirm the effectiveness of these efforts. The potential lease value from all inquiries generated through since January 2023 amounts to PLN 690 million.

The finne portal aims to become the largest project of its kind in Europe, and its premiere on the Polish market has ushered in a new era of easier, more reliable, and efficient search for commercial spaces.

Reliability and effectiveness

The finne portal is powered by the largest and most advanced database in this part of Europe — REDD. For the past 4 years, the platform has been changing the way we think about real estate and building the foundations for a transparent and innovative sector.

By utilizing big data, information can be analyzed practically in real-time, enabling industry professionals to make informed decisions. The platform not only provides data but also offers tools for multidimensional analysis and optimal utilization of information.

Transformation through data

“Customers who have chosen to use REDD’s services have experienced a true transformation in their work. They no longer have to rely on intuition and general statistics but have access to specific, up-to-date, and precise knowledge that allows for informed decision-making. It only takes a few clicks to receive a comprehensive report that previously required several weeks,” emphasizes Tomasz Olszewski, Member of the Management Board at REDD Group.

“When a company is looking for an office, it needs specific, hard data. If our platform didn’t update them in real-time, we wouldn’t be able to respond to the needs of customers who are seeking quick answers just moments after visiting the website. Similarly, our team of advisors at ShareSpace operates. They are also able to provide customers with information based on the latest data: office availability in a specific location, monthly fees, subleasing options, etc. This is possible, among other things, thanks to our collaboration with REDD,” says Robert Chmielewski, co-founder & CEO of ShareSpace.

Revolution in the real estate market

Both data analysis and transparency are key factors that determine the future of the real estate market. REDD has the opportunity to become a leader in this revolution, overturning traditional rules of the game and providing necessary tools to industry professionals. Does this mean the end for old business models? One thing is certain, REDD has initiated a revolution that cannot be ignored.

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