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ESG in the real estate market. “A key pillar of business”

29.11.2022 News

ESG is an abbreviation of the names of three factors on the basis of which ratings of companies, organisations and even countries are made. The best ones now take care of the Environment, Society (impact on a society and external cooperation) and Governance (the so-called corporate governance – cybersecurity and good management remuneration policy). And they do not do it separately. They know that these elements are linked, that they influence one another and if played well played, they can help one another.

Flower meadows and beehives on building roofs are a great thing, but it’s just E. We build high-quality industrial facilities. To fill the S, we need to build such a facility for people to work in and around it, and in the perspective of many decades. The point is to make it serve everyone as well as possible, which is why we create while meeting the best standards. To fulfil the G conditions, you need to effectively provide these two previous criteria as your company’s metric, report well what you have done – explains Jeremy Cordery, COO, MDC2. 

“We wanted ESG to be one of the key pillars of how we run our business – says Jeremy Cordery, COO and one of the founders of MDC2. The company is currently building a system that will produce quarterly rather than annual results for the purpose of reports for the board and then for investors. This is how the best clients are gained today.

Meter of warehouse per meter of forest

The simplest rule in the  MDC2 startup? We treat each other within the company the same way we would like to be treated. It’s the same outside.

– We also have a great cooperation with a foundation called Forest Forever. They save the forests of the first growth from logging, buy old plantation forests, plantation land, and then maintain them with a biodiverse mix of tree species. For every square meter of space we build, we give them money to buy and maintain forest – says Jeremy Cordery, COO, MDC2. 

The company provides support also to Polish families who help Ukrainian refugees. For this purpose, MDC2 employees have created the Ukraine Relief Foundation. However, all this would be insufficient without the proper quality of services.

Where does the media come from? How are they recycled? What is the energy consumption of solar panels on the roof or from the ground installation next door, water, sewage, etc., heating systems and how are the doors monitored, are they closed, etc.? All this must be taken care of to provide the highest standard.

“We deliver not only physical products in the building, but also the way we run our business, the way we treat our investors, our partners, our employees – says Jeremy Cordery, COO, MDC2. 

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