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Modern office building to be built in Włocławek

02.10.2020 News

A modern office building will be built in Włocławek as a part of the Fabryka Programme. The local government and the Operator ARP will be responsible for the project. On 1 October, the Włocławek city authorities and the company’s management signed a letter of intent.
This document is another milestone on the road to the implementation of the project, which is a modern office and service complex in Włocławek. A facility complying with high standards will be built as part of the Fabryka Programme aimed at activating the potential of Polish medium-sized towns.

“The agreement signed today gives me great satisfaction and shows that good cooperation between the government and local authorities is possible, especially in such an important aspect as improving the quality of life of Polish people. The main objective of the Fabryka Programme is to give a positive, pro-developmental impulse to cities that need new, attractive jobs in order to stop the outflow of their inhabitants. I hope that thanks to the determination of the local authorities and public support, Włocławek will get a facility which will become an important centre of activity for entrepreneurs from the whole region,” emphasised Anna Gembicka, Deputy Minister of Funds and Regional Policy.

In order to develop the office and service complex, a company will be established whose shareholders will be the local authorities and the Operator ARP sp. z o.o.. The state-owned company will provide financing for the investment, while the contribution of the local authorities will be the land on which the office building will be constructed.

– We offered two locations that meet the investor’s expectations. We wanted to select places where the construction of a modern office building will fit in with the spatial planning and at the same time meet logistic criteria. I hope that the investment will contribute to the development of entrepreneurship and will improve the attractiveness of the local labour market. As a local authority, we will make every effort to ensure that the task can be completed efficiently and on time – said Marek Wojtkowski, Mayor of Włocławek.

“I am pleased that Włocławek has joined the group of cities participating in the Fabryka Programme today. The Programme responds to the needs of cities which often remained in the shadow of the largest metropolises. By implementing the objectives of the Strategy for Responsible Development, ARP S.A. wants to direct the investment impulse also to smaller cities with large but unfulfilled potential. I am convinced that the first investment will entail further investments and open a completely new chapter in the socioeconomic development of Włocławek,” said Paweł Kolczyński, Vice-President of the Industrial Development Agency.

Facilities to be built under the Fabryka Programme must respond primarily to the expectations of modern business. This means that they must meet a number of criteria such as: attractive location, good communication links with other parts of the city, and availability of retail and service infrastructure.

“Until recently, the office market was perceived from the perspective of the largest Polish cities. Today, thanks to a coherent economic policy at the central level, this approach is changing. We are an entity that not only pursues business objectives, but combines them with our mission. We want to invest in Włocławek as it has great potential. It is the third largest city in the Kujawy-Pomerania Province, centrally located, adjacent to a large transport junction. This makes it worth investing here, it is worth building modern office space in which IT centres, outsourcing centres and hi-tech companies can be established. Their presence in the city will keep young, creative people there, and they will not have to emigrate for work to larger cities. We hope that the commercial success of our investment will attract private investors to the city,” noted Mariusz Domeradzki, President of the Operator ARP.

The Fabryka Programme is based on supporting medium-sized cities by building modern, perfectly equipped office and service buildings there. According to the “business attracts business” principle, both the presence of reputable companies and well-qualified staff will attract more companies, not only from the modern business services sector, but also those using the services of this industry.

Operator ARP is a subsidiary of Industrial Development Agency S.A. Its tasks include asset optimisation, but also effective land and facility management. The company’s offer includes attractive investment areas located in Częstochowa, as well as facilities all over Poland, including Gdynia, Bydgoszcz, Warsaw, Wrocław, Świdnica, Skarżysko-Kamienna and Gliwice.

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