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REDD provides data for GUS. The agreement has been signed

22.02.2021 News

REDD Real Estate Digital Data (REDD), the independent platform providing data on the commercial real estate market in Poland, has signed the agreement with Statistics Poland (GUS).  The platform, as part of the pilot project, will provide GUS with analytical data to conduct experimental statistical research in order to monitor changes on the office market in Poland. 
Bearing in mind the growing consumer demand for data, Statistics Poland is taking steps to increase the information capacity of its resources.

“One of the priority activities of Statistics Poland is the identification of modern, non-public information systems, which can be a source of data for research conducted within the Polish official statistics. Therefore, Statistics Poland is acquiring information from non-statistical databases on an increasing scale, analysing it for potential use in statistical research. Cooperation with REDD is another step in building statistics based on modern solutions. The datasets obtained will allow, for the first time, public statistics to undertake development activities aimed at developing experimental indicators for cross-sectional and in-depth analyses of the commercial office property rental market. Depending on the outcome of this work, datasets derived from the REDD platform may become an official data source for outcome information developed by public statistics in the area of commercial real estate market,” says Dominik Rozkrut, President of Statistics Poland.

Statistics Poland has been acquiring data from non-statistical data sources for many years thanks to cooperation with public administration units, as well as from private data providers. These include ministries, Social Insurance Institution (ZUS), National Health Fund (NFZ), Financial Supervision Authority (KNF), entities keeping official records or companies providing public utility services. From now on, it can also use the REDD platform data.

Data on office property rental marks a new chapter in official statistics

GUS collects data, and on their basis prepares outcome information concerning various areas of socio-economic life of the country, and in particular makes available studies on, among other things, the environment protection and condition, society and various aspects of the population’s life, as well as the functioning of various areas of the national economy, including the real estate market. Currently, the main source of information presented by public statistics on this market in Poland is data obtained from the public Register of real estate prices and values. The data provided by the REDD platform will open up new opportunities for the GUS statisticians to analyse the key area of commercial real estate – the office sector.

“This is an extremely important cooperation for the commercial real estate market in Poland and the broadly defined financial sector. The data we provide to the Statistics Poland fill an information gap regarding this sector of the economy, which over the last 30 years has developed into one of the most important branches of Polish economic life. We are proud to contribute to this landmark event for official statistics in Poland. Every month we update our database with over one million pieces of real estate market information stored in modern and secure data centres. This gives great opportunities for analysts, and for those using GUS reports and studies, it opens the way to broader knowledge of the impact of real estate on the development of the Polish economy”, says Piotr Smagała, co-founder and managing director of REDD.

The largest database in Poland

REDD Real Estate Digital Data is the largest database monitoring the office market in Poland. Analysts monitor 2,000 buildings located in 26 cities 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Aggregation of data in the cloud enables fast and simultaneous processing of any amount of information as well as conducting unlimited operations on data.

REDD experts’ mission is to provide the most transparent and reliable data. Using technologically advanced tools, the REDD platform provides information on lease terms, current offer of commercial space for rent, rental rates or trends and forecasts on the situation on the commercial real estate market. Every transaction starts at the REDD platform.

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