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REDD shares data with ShareSpace. New client of the platform

29.03.2021 News

REDD Real Estate Digital Data (REDD), the largest database on commercial properties in Poland is sharing data with ShareSpace company. New REDD’s client is a platform helping companies to find the right office space.
“The REDD platform is the only provider of such commercial property data in Poland. We work with industry leaders who see data as a source of advantage and added value. We are delighted that our base can support ShareSpace, the platform connecting corporations with coworking centres. This is a company that is changing the commercial property market just like REDD. We share a similar DNA,”  says Piotr Smagała, Managing Director at REDD.

REDD and ShareSpace

As part of the cooperation, REDD provides ShareSpace with the continued access to 10 million pieces of data on office market.

“When a company is looking for an office, it needs concrete, solid data. If our platform didn’t keep them up to date, we wouldn’t be able to respond to the demand of customers who, after all, are looking for quick answers, seconds after entering the site. Our ShareSpace advisory team works in a similar way. They are also able to provide customers with information based on the latest data: availability of offices in a specific location, monthly charges, possibility of subletting, etc. This is possible, for example, thanks to the cooperation with REDD,” says Robert Chmielewski, co-founder & CEO ShareSpace, the platform helping companies to find the right office space.

“Thanks to automated REDD data integration, ShareSpace is provided with real-time data, which can have a significant impact on accelerating the commercialisation of office space,” adds Piotr Smagała from REDD.

“Our strength lies in the unique combination of tools built at the crossways of property industry and modern technology. Every day we collect and process millions of pieces of data on properties, rental space, transactions and market trends,” says Tomasz Ogrodzki, founder of REDD.

REDD cooperates with GUS

At the beginning of February, the REDD platform also signed an agreement with Statistics Poland (GUS). As part of the pilot project, REDD will provide GUS with analytical data to enable experimental statistical research aimed at monitoring changes taking place on the office property market in Poland.


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