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We have never been this focused on your customers. With so much data and superintelligent tools, you will serve your clients and stakeholders in no time. Literally.
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Say goodbye to the spreadsheet, forever.

Big database. Huge value. Our mission is to enhance the entire workflow of the commercial real estate professionals. To do so we created the platform which is perfectly tailored to the clients’ needs. Big Data doesn’t take a back seat anymore.

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The world’s most powerful real estate platform gets its biggest upgrade. REDD 3 will change the way you work.

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More Powerful Search Engine

Faster and smarter way to find the property. You don’t need to remember the names of all office buildings in the country. Just use our smart filters and find your property within milliseconds.

Create shortlists at the speed of light

Forget about millions of spreadsheets, now you can generate personalized shortlist, with your logo and contact info in a single click.

Send branded proposals on the fly

Still using a PowerPoint or word to prepare hundreds of proposals? REDD is here to change the way you work. Our platform enables you to generate a personalized proposals in a single click.

Exceptional analytics for the most strategic decisions

The best business decisions are those based on a hard data and statistics. REDD gives you unique opportunity to be always a step forward. Verify, analyze, and use the insights to boost your business.

Mind-blowing assets benchmarking against any property

Today, those who know more win. With REDD you can find information about availability of units, lease conditions, building owners and many more. REDD provides full range of data on completed buildings as well as under construction and planned.

More financial insights than can be imagined

The easiest way to find a financial data on office properties in Poland. More than 1750 financial statements at your disposal. Be creative and use it wisely.

If data is the new oil, we are the largest and richest oil field out there.


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$120 bn

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