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Commercial property Competition Analysis goes digital: Introducing new features on the REDD Platform

11.03.2024 Press

Warsaw, 11 March 2024. REDD Competition Analysis debuts as a new feature for users of the REDD platform – the premier and most cutting-edge database tailored for commercial real estate professionals. This marks a significant advancement in the evolution of an intuitive tool designed to expedite the formulation of precise negotiation strategies and bolster continuous corporate reporting efforts.

“The present global economic landscape, coupled with societal shifts towards remote work, presents formidable challenges to the industry,” remarks Tomasz Ogrodzki, CEO of REDD Group. “Office vacancy rates are soaring to unprecedented levels globally, exerting intense pressure to secure deals on the most favorable terms possible.”

The competition analysis module empowers landlords to make more informed negotiating decisions when concluding lease transactions. By providing instant data into comparable office spaces offered by other buildings and identifying areas where the tenant holds a competitive edge, this product enhances leasing strategies significantly.

Primarily targeted towards leasing and asset managers tasked with commercializing space, whether acquiring new tenants or renewing existing lease contracts, the new tool streamlines their workflow. With this solution, they gain precise insights into their competition for a tenant without the need for additional time and effort.

“The design and implementation of the module itself took us several weeks, preceded by several months of thorough analysis,” says Judyta Bartnicka, CTO of REDD Group. “We wanted to gain a deep understanding of what kind of product would meet the expectations of our users, particularly given the complexity of the commercial real estate market. Leasing and asset managers, who are responsible for the commercialization and maintenance of property value, typically rely on Excel files. Benchmarking against the market is a key task, both in offering space to tenants and for internal processes and corporate reporting. Until now, such analysis has been time-consuming and often conducted manually by professionals within their networks. We provide a one-stop shop where users can access the necessary data instantly,” Bartnicka adds.

REDD’s latest functionality serves not only as a tool for building a negotiation strategy but also as a robust means for effective market benchmarking and corporate reporting. “The solution is in line with the mission to foster a transparent market where access to information is not a competitive advantage. This approach aligns with the long-term ESG strategies of market participants and reflects global trends toward open technology,” emphasizes Tomasz Ogrodzki.

Currently, the REDD Competition Analysis module caters to office buildings, with ongoing efforts to launch a warehouse component in progress.


About the REDD Group

REDD Group stands as a pioneering technology company, having developed the largest and most advanced commercial property database in this region of Europe. Recognized as one of the top 25 PropTech startups in Europe by Vestbee, REDD Group made significant strides in 2024. It vastly expanded the scope of properties it monitors through its proprietary finne portal, extending its reach beyond Poland to encompass four additional countries: the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, and Romania. Currently, the company monitors over 2,900 office buildings across 51 cities and nearly 3,600 warehouses. The database contains already more than 200 billion “data points”, with this figure steadily growing by several billion per month. REDD Group is also the first technology company in the commercial property market in Poland to sign an agreement with the Central Statistical Office (GUS). Through this collaboration, GUS uses REDD’s data for reporting to Eurostat.

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